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Your business must be compliant at all times with appraisal rules; if they are not, the result can be significant penalties and costly time spent correcting errors. 

EVO Res appraisal management software provides organizations with an unmatched technology foundation that ensures their unique valuation processes are automated to their exact needs and in full compliance. The platform records all communication so everything is reportable and trackable, and facilitates digital signatures for vendor engagement letters. EVO-Res boasts the most user-friendly navigation possible combined with cutting edge, intuitive design practices. 

With our compliance guarantee, you're business is covered.
If you have a compliance issue, we will cover it.

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appraisal compliance

Appraisal Compliance

Through its automation capabilities, detailed reporting and status notifications that provide you with 100% visibility, and robust and timely appraisal reviews, EVO-Res makes valuation compliance a breeze by shouldering critical responsibilities – giving you peace of mind, while cutting costs.

appraisal management software audit trails

Detailed Audit Trails

EVO-Res ensures that you’re always audit-ready, as every action taken within the system (including emails) is tracked, stored, logged, and instantly reportable. 

appraisal management software delivery to borrowers

Delivery to Borrowers

Document delivery to the borrower is easy with EVO-Res. The system provides details on when the borrower accesses, acknowledges, and downloads their appraisal file – a critical component of ECOA.

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