There are So Many Reasons to Fall in Love with EVO™

With 20 years of experience behind our belt, a combination of years of defining requirements, and collaborating with clients - we created a revolutionary valuation management platform resulting in the best appraisal management product available anywhere. And we know you'll fall in love with what it can offer your business. 


Why You'll Love EVO

  • 100% configurable solution that’s designed for your unique situation with zero custom development needed, at minimal cost and delivery time.
  • Incredibly responsive system that supports the ability to deliver massive files simultaneously while providing a stunning drag and drop interface.
  • User role-based model that configures each user’s security access limiting functionality defined by their specific job function. This role-based approach allows for superior tasks management, SLA monitoring and personalized interface.
  • EVO-Res and EVO-C provide you with a one-stop approach.  Flexible and extensible by design, EVO allows the commercial lending, mortgage and consumer groups to utilize one platform across the entire enterprise

EVO is a mind-blowing software that you need to see, but if you're not ready for a demo just yet...

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